My name is Justin, and I love my bikes. I love communities where you get to know your neighbours, I love streets that are filled with people, I love infrastructure built to facilitate safe, effective movement of people – regardless of how they choose to get around.  I love shopping locally, I love knowing the people that grow my food, roast my coffee, care for my loved ones and generally help me to access the things I use every day. I love products that are built to last, and a way of life that relies more on fixing something than replacing it.

I see a bike not only as a vehicle for movement, but as a vehicle for change.  As a way to re-integrate our communities, to get to know our neighbours and our neighbourhoods better. A way to get our children active again, to keep local dollars circulating in the local economy, to make our infrastructure last longer, to attract new investment and to spur the growth of healthier, more connected communities.

If you like these things too, I hope you’ll join me for the ride.


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